Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Strawberry picking!!

 One of Luke's favorite activities is to play ball. 

We like to play in the front yard while we wait for Anthony to get home.  

Luke's first trip to the beach!

Last day of school - what a fast year.  I can't believe how much they have grown and changed over the course of 9 months.  See for yourself...

Last day of school - May 2014

First day of school - September 2013

Easter pictures

Every year my brother, sister and I took pictures in front of the azaleas at our house, so I had to continue the tradition.  I'm not sure when Caroline got so sassy, but she struck this pose without any prompting. 
 ...and kept striking a pose for her solo shot

Meanwhile, June decided to strike a silly pose.

Family of five!

The girls love anytime they get together with Granna, Pop Pop, Hannah & Carter.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Four years old!

June and Caroline turned four years old on March 9th.  They have been anticipating their birthday since Christmas so it was a big day around here.  A few days before the birthday, Caroline started saying she didn't know if she wanted to be four because she didn't want to change.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for how fast they are growing up and changing either, but it's happening and I love the "big" girls they are becoming. 

We had a ballerina birthday party at home for their friends.  14 ballerinas, face painting, and beautiful weather - what more could we have asked for!

My mom made the adorable cupcakes - complete with twirling ballerinas on top!

Getting ready for their guests to arrive - they were wonderful little hostesses and greeted their guests with a crown and wand.  

One of our favorite babysitters did the face painting and she was awesome!  Each girl was very specific about what she wanted and Mallory met each request beautifully!

Playing Follow the Leader - ballerina style

I love these pictures of my sister and Luke - she's a great aunt who loves my children well!

Luke tries to put everything in his mouth, so why not Pop Pop's hat
 More beautiful weather meant Luke got some naked time on the porch - what's cuter than a naked baby I ask you? 

Here are my big four year old girls - I love spending my days with them.  

This happens a lot in our house...

Update on the last few months

Updating the blog always falls to the bottom of the priority list, but I wanted to take a minute to show you how much Luke is growing and some of the fun we have in daily life around here.

The girls were in the Christmas play at church for the first time - they loved practicing their songs in the car and at home.  Their favorites were "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and "Joy to the World"  It was fun celebrating our Saviors birth - they ask lots of good (and tough) questions. 

We made Christmas cookies with Uncle D and Aunt Leslie - Caroline was very into the sprinkles and they were both very into the tasting!

I love the many faces of children - very serious to very silly in a moment!

Luke started chewing on everything - who knew he could fit his whole fist in his mouth?

Christmas morning - having fun with their presents


Luke started eating solids and he loved it from the first spoonful.  No learning curve for him, he knew exactly what to do with that food.  Since Anthony and I both had our hands full, Caroline captured the moment for us - I think she did pretty good!

Luke loves to be standing up!

We had some "snow" days in January that were really just ice.  Anthony was home for several days with us and we did all the things you should do when you're stuck at home - baked cookies, watched movies, read books, played outside, did some crafts.  It was a really fun few days.  Since not many people on the coast own sleds, we got creative with the Cozy Coupes.  We would push the girls and they would sail down the road.  

 Then we transitioned to the laundry basket.  Thank goodness when we got tired of pushing and pulling, they had each other to turn to. 

Luke enjoyed most of his snow days from inside


From snow to shorts - gotta love NC winters.  Some warm days gave us a chance to put Luke in the swing.  When the girls were little they spent a lot of time swinging - the difference now is that instead of pushing two swings, I have two big girls who want to push Luke.  

These three have fun together!  Luke loves to be in a big bed under the covers, especially when his sisters are there to love on him. 

We spend one weekend at my parents house with our good friends the Barclays.  The girls had a great time playing dress up

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two months

Two months have gone so fast - Luke is such a sweet baby.  He is happy and smiley, he has twinkly eyes and looks like he wants to say something so badly.  I'm so thankful he's part of our family!


We were busy with a lot of fun fall activities in October, I don't have many pictures because it is harder than ever to take pictures. 

We went to the State Fair with my Dad - June was all about the rides and Caroline was all about the ice cream. 

We went to Hill Ridge Farms with my sister, Mom and nephew Carter.  The girls had a great time again this year - their favorite was the jump pillow.  Luke was there too and his favorite thing was probably the hay ride. 

Our church had their fall festival and we spent Halloween in Charleston because we were there for my cousin's wedding.